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Welcome to the site of Massage Hilversum. Do you suffer from stress or muscle pain and you are looking for a good masseur? For the best sports massage or relaxation massage you can contact Massage Hilversum. Call 06-52084144 for an appointment.

NEW! Book a Duo Massage for you and your partner or give a massage-voucher, a wonderful gift for any occasion!

“The best massage I’ve ever had. I’m a real massage fan and can go whenever I can. For the first time everything was in sync, the ambiance, the music, the warm oil… it was a delight. Sandra’s touch is a gentle firmness containing a lot of peace and attention. ”
Asha Tachigova

“Sandra is an amazing masseuse. She really HAS magical hands. A massage with her is instant relief from any stress or pain. “
Jenny Tomlins

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At Massage Hilversum we work by appointment. When you would like to schedule a massage, call Sandra Souisa 06-52084144. We are available from Monday to Sunday from 9:00hr to 19:00hr.

What are the costs

A massage costs € 50,- per hour.

Centrum Eén & Al
Massage Hilversum is part of Centrum Eén & Al, a holistic and therapeutic health center in Hilversum. Check our agenda for  training courses and workshops.

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