Sports massage Hilversum

Sports massage Hilversum
A sports massage is a wonderful way to relax and recover. A sports massage helps restore and prevent injuries. For the best sports massage or relaxation massage you can contact Massages Hilversum. Call 06-52084144 for an appointment.

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“For months I walked around with a very bad shoulder, to the point that I had to call in sick. After physical therapy I came by chance in contact with Sandra. After one treatment, I could already move the arm much better. After three treatments I was relieved from my injury.
Now I know I need to occasionally go to Sandra to avoid getting complaints.”
Chris T.

Sportmassage Hilversum

orts massage Hilversum

Sports massage enhances flexibility

When you exercise your muscles are at work and put into tension. A sports massage after exercise helps to let your muscles relax again. This can lead to improved flexibility. When your muscles are properly helped to relax with a sports massage you tend to quickly be flexible in your everyday movements.

Sports massage restores the muscles

A sports massage helps the muscles in their recovery process. A massage improves the circulation of fluids in your body. When this efficiently circulates, nutrients and oxygen are able to reach muscle and other tissues and blood is getting more oxygen.

Sport Masssage reduces muscle soreness

Regular trained muscles can eventually lead to pain. If you firmly train your glutes, quads and hamstrings regularly, then chances are that you develop sore hips and knees. This development can lead to compensation in other parts of the body and can eventualy lead to serious injuries. A sports massage helps to prevent pain and injuries by reducing the muscle soreness after exercise.

Sports massage improves sleep

Finally, a massage also helps in improving the quality of sleep. A good night’s sleep prevents fatigue and provides in energy. A rested body has less chance of injury.

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At Massage Hilversum we work by appointment. When you would like to schedule a massage, call Sandra Souisa 06-52084144. We are available from Monday to Sunday from 9:00hr to 19:00hr.

What are the costs

A massage costs € 50,- per hour.

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Massage Hilversum is part of Centrum Eén & Al, a holistic and therapeutic health center in Hilversum. Check our agenda for  training courses and workshops.

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